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Annapurna Pariwar

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Annapurna Pariwar is a group of 5 Developmental Organisations working in Pune and Mumbai since 1993 and covering 1000 slum pockets. Its main aim is to empower poor women and their families in terms of finance, education, health, etc.

Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Mumbai a Charitable trust was set up by Padmashree Prematai Purao and Com. Dada Purao in the year 1975, which was the International Year for Women. Padmashree Prematai Purao is a freedom fighter from Goa, was a leading woman activist in the sixties and a recipient of many national and international awards.

Com. Dada Purao was a Bank Employees Leader.

18 years later the daughter of Padmashree Prematai Purao and Com. Dada Purao, Dr.Medha Purao Samant set up Annapurna Mahila Mandal, a Charitable Trust in Pune in 1993.

She formed a group of 9 vegetable vendors who were borrowing from the private money lenders at exorbitant rates of interest . They were under the clutches of local money lenders in spite of presence of many banks and financial institutions in Pune.

She gave the initial capital of Rs. 9000/- as the first loan to the members of the first group of borrowers in Pune.

Annapurna Pariwar started in the course of time a package of various services for the benefit of the slum dwellers, which are completely need- based.

Annapurna Mahila Multi State Coop Credit Society is a Multi State Credit Coop Society giving small repetitive loans to Common Goal Groups (CGGs) of poor self-employed women and men. The organisation gives microfinance without any security or guarantee and enjoys a 100% recovery rate. Micro loans are given for business and other needs of the poor. The loan size ranges between Rs.10,000 and Rs.1,50,000.

Annapurna has generated their savings on which they are paid interest.

Annapurna Pariwar believes that microfinance is the most important need of the poor. Microfinance includes services like micro loans, micro savings, micro insurance and pension. In addition to microfinance Annapurna Pariwar has been imparting training in financial literacy to its members.

Annapurna Pariwar Vikas Samvardhan is a not-for-profit company, owned and run by the borrowers of Annapurna Mahila Multi State Coop Credit Society.

Annapurna Pariwar Vikas Samvardhan has insured them against death, accidents and health hazards. Every borrower and her family is insured for Rs.60,000 for health problems plus on death, a loan write-off and Rs.15,000 assistance for the family. On the death of a family member of the borrower, an emergency relief of Rs.3,000 is given. This is against a contribution of Rs.635 per annum, per family.

Annapurna operates a Pension Program in partnership with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) under the NPS-Lite Swavalamban Scheme of the Government of India – meant for the unorganised sector. Community Social Protection Program offers a complete Social Security Blanket to the poor.

Pension is a final cap on the Social Security front offered by Annapurna Pariwar – beginning from credit and savings, health insurance, child care, education and finally old age pension.

Vatsalyapurna Service Coop Society runs Day Care Centers for the children of domestic servants and other self-employed women in slums.

Vidyapurna Project is implemented in Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Pune . It gives scholarships to children of single mothers so that these children can pursue their education and have a better future.

Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Mumbai the first organisation in Annapurna Pariwar runs a Working Women’s Hostel at Vashi, New Mumbai.

Dada Purao Research & Training Institute is being run in the name of our founder Late Com. Dada Purao. This Institute undertakes research studies and various activities exclusively for promoting and encouraging social security measures and healthcare services for urban and rural poor through micro-insurance initiatives. It also conducts lectures, seminars, and workshops for disseminating information and knowledge on numerous subjects related to microfinance.

Annapurna Pariwar has 5 independent Developmental Organisations working under it. The various projects which render a package of diverse services to the urban slum dwellers are run under these 5 organisations.

Thus, Annapurna Pariwar endeavours to enrich the lives of the poor through a comprehensive developmental approach.