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About Us

Annapurna Pariwar

Our Heritage

Annapurna Pariwar as is known today is a group of 6 Non-Govt. organizations working in Mumbai and Pune for the urban slum dwellers.

The first organization in Annapurna Pariwar is Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Mumbai. An organization working for the inn-runners since 1975.

Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Mumbai was set up by Padmashree Prematai Purao and Com. Dada Purao in the year 1975, which was the International Year for Women. Padmashree Prematai Purao is a freedom fighter from Goa, was a leading woman activist in the sixties and a recipient of many national and international awards.

Com. Dada Purao was a Trade Union Leader.

18 years later the daughter of Padmashree Prematai Purao and Com. Dada Purao, Dr. Medha Purao Samant set up Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Pune in 1993.

She formed a group of 9 vegetable vendors who were borrowing from the private money lenders at exorbitant rates of interest . They were under the clutches of local money lenders in spite of presence of many banks and financial institutions in Pune.

She gave the initial capital of Rs. 9000/- as the first loan to the members of the first group of borrowers in Pune.

Annapurna Pariwar started in the course of time a package of various services for the benefit of the slum dwellers, which are completely need- based.

  • Artha-Udyam-Purna, a poor women and men’s economic empowerment program through Micro Finance. This started as a project in July 1993 in Pune.
    Annapurna Mahila Co-Op. Credit Society was registered in Mumbai in 1985 and got a multi-state license in 1998.
    The Micro Finance activities in Pune and Mumbai started in under this co-op. society from 2000.
  • Sandhi-Tantra-Purna, was started as a Vocational Training and Job Placement Program for Dropout Adolescents, in June 2001.
    Annapurna Mahila Industrial Co-op. Society was registered in 2000. This program got integrated in this co op society.
  • Swasthya-Purna started as a project under which two aspects were dealt with..Health problems and Sudden Death in the family of borrowers. To overcome these two major problems pushing the poor back into the debt trap the two solutions were provided.
    – Health Mutual Fund started as a project in April
    – 2003Family Security Fund started as a project in October 1998
    The borrowers of Annapurna Mahila Co-Op. Credit Society came together and registered a Non Profit company in 2003 under Section 25 of the Companies registration Act. These two projects were Merged in this company named as Annapurna Pariwar Vikas Samvardhan which is run and owned by the members. This is a pioneering example in Community Based Health Insurance.
  • The first Day Care Center started in 2003 in Karvenagar slum in Pune. The main trigger was a rape case on a 6 year old girl whose mother was a single woman. Thereafter Vatsalya-Purna started as a chain of low cost Day Care Centres for children of poor working women who were borrowers of Annapurna Mahila Co-Op. Credit Society.
    Vatsalya-Purna Co. op Soc
    was registered in 2007 by all the Creche Conductors.
  • Vidya-purna started in 2003 as an educational sponsorship program for the children of single mothers who are borrowers of Annapurna Mahila Co Op Credit Society. Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Pune, registered as a trust in the year 2000 is running this educational sponsorship program. The single poor women find it difficult to educate their children with their meager income. So this program helps them.
  • Annapurna Mahila Mandal, Mumbai was registered as a trust in the year 1975. It started catering activities with poor women in 1980.
    It also runs a Working Women’s Hostel in New Mumbai. There is a huge problem of single destitute women and on the other hand the single working women need a safe place to stay and homely food in big cities like Mumbai. So the Working Women’s Hostel provides a solution to this.

Today Annapurna Pariwar has 6 independent bodies working under it. The various projects which render a package of various services to the urban slum dwellers are run under these 6 organizations.